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Why Therapy?

Many people come to counselling because they have reached a turning point; they are struggling, in pain, or frustrated with an area of their life. Counselling is a process through which a client works to achieve goals with the help and support of a counsellor. Not only is mental illness very common in North America, but it is becoming increasingly normalized for all individuals to seek help for any number of reasons. But reducing pain or suffering is not the only reason to attend therapy!

In his Psychology Today article, Howes (2014) highlights some wellness-positive reasons one might want to attend therapy. These include:

  1. Loving yourself - therapy can help clients to explore roadblocks to self-worth and self-compassion and teach practical ways to make yourself and your happiness a priority. 

  2. Wanting to be a fantastic parent.

  3. Wanting to thrive in your career. 

  4. Wanting to understand your purpose in life.

  5. Wanting to feel free - holding anger and grief inside, however valid those feelings are, can have serious physical, emotional, and relational consequences. Through therapy you can resolve some (if not all!) of those experiences, process the trauma, and have freedom.​


Howes, R. (2014, March 10). 8 More reasons to go to therapy. Psychology Today. Retrieved here.

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